Whistle Track

by Kanondale

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Kanondale x Ishka



Production, Mixing, Mastering:


Shaolin howling moon side,
Move tide type two sugar cube,
Stay alike silver spoon over ice,
Folgers like known to dice,
Boulders in the morning time,
Phony rhymes im bored of solider types,
Theres no other im,
Dale Kanon tandem,
Males cant stand em,
Stales can match up,
The tales cant catch up,
The fails cant let chyah,
Let up just yet,
If i make a buck adjust,
As i fuck up your set,
Stuck up but less,
Bless text touch decible,
Scribble visible integrals,
Nimble over imbeciles,
Mandible under timber sole,
Vandal can extension pole,
Nazareth, frankincense,
Gold to the microphone
Go till the mic is glowing,
Flow till you in the zone and,
Dough till you fucking owe it,
Blown like you had to forfeit,
Known im a lucky poet,
Smoke like I dont condone it,
Blokes hating when im waving,
Laying in my ocean

Water then evaporated,
Obsolete and dated favorites,
Flagrant with they facebook pages,
Amazing that they faded,
Wait a statement,
Secretary state em,
Waiting payments,
Shaming basics,
Taste the flavor,
Yeah we laced it,
Love of labor,
Only when we wasted,
Braised it till its tasteless,
Amazing fake it A list,
Appraisal stake a sales pitch,
Graceful females made less,
Assholes paid them aimless,
Bathsalt make it painless,
808 backboard brick dance,
Shake it,
Thick bands thong stripped bacon,
Hong Kong one monks funk awakened,
One pound flipped day one called skating,
Sun down strip hit badly breaking,
Sadly saving the game im dating,
Gladly taking the fame im grazing,
Madly stating the page im hazing,
Gazing at this blazing microphone, dazing..


released January 3, 2015



all rights reserved


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Born in San Jose Costa Rica then quickly relocated to Ann Arbor Michigan, where I currently produce electronic music. Heavily influenced by the HipHop scene of my youth this fusion of sounds is everything but ordinary. With everything from Oldies to Future Garage in my musical tastes I try to find the perfect balance between the new and the old. ... more

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